An event to organize ?

Seminar party ?

Bringing - Federate - Let go


A seminar to focus on the last year in order to prepare the future.

An outdoor activity for reflexion ?


A good recipe, outside the usual environment, a cosy place with creative and federative ideas.



Teambuilding ?

To link more - Take a breath of fresh air


Privatization exceptional places, beautiful times of sharing, original and unique activities with motivated partners, the recipe for a successful event !

Working day ?

Save time - Find a place adapted


Find a place ? Find a good cook ?

Take up to much time !


Save time by delegating us this job.

Reactivity guaranteed. 


A human-size company.


Active listening, reactivity, attention to detail and quick understanding, and agreed budget.


An address book full of surprises.


A team project with partners according to your enterprise culture.

Our customers