Our tailored services

Event design.


Hotel or place booking.


Playful, sportive or cultural activities.


Coordination of different partners and providers. 

Sportive event

Participate to a sportive event like Lyon urban Trail by night, RuninLyon, Trail Rail of "Lyon vert",  SaintéLyon ?

Discover Lyon by Kayak,  have a trek in mountain, enjoy skiing ? 

Just relax, we'll take care of everything ! 


Fun event

Privatize a place for a company event ? Yes but which one ?  Find the best catering company ? An amazing activity ? 

Don't worry, we will manage everything for you !



Cultural event

And if we talk about culture ? 

You want to visit Lyon and have fun ? 

Try our amazing partners, you won't be disappointed ! 

You want to privatize a movie theater ? to go to theater ? to "Auditorium" ?

We have a crazy choice, let's go !

Executive committee

Find a place different from your usual environment for a committee ? 

Don't waste time, we will find it for you !




Gourmet event

You want to discover Lyon 's gourmet secrets  ? You want to test the different wines in the neighborhood ? There is a lot of possibilities to explore vineyards ! You will have fun !


Cooking teambuilding

A cooking team building  it can be a cooking activity, a challenge master cook, a staging in a restaurant with cook actors and a food critic.

What will become an intense and challenging moment !

Our strengths


Because each customer is unique, we study in detail your project.

We adapt, we refine, a real teamwork.

What about your request, advice, quality and reactivity will be there by using our amazing address book.


Passionate about life and always searching for ways to improve our sens, we cook for you a recipe with friendliness, warmth and originality.


Our ultimate goal, your satisfaction to build a solid relationship.

And you, what are your next events ?